Testimonials for my work as an English copywriter and German-to-English translator

Thank you for the FLOWERS.

Here you’ll find a selection of testimonials from my happy clients.

You’ll notice a recurrent theme: I provide more than normal translations and more than normal copywriting services.

Then everything confirms that first impression.

Rose is a real godsend. She’s quick, astute, precise, and really puts her heart and soul into her copywriting and translations.

Her dedication and professionalism make her a key team member, providing valuable support in our projects.

Thank you, dear Rose, you are a sensation!

Petra Steeger and Thomas Kohl
da kapo Communication Experts

Rose’s services have gone far beyond regular translation.

She has frequently given us input on how to improve our existing German content. And we have always been able to approach Rose with creative requests and brainstorm ideas together.

Before we started working with Rose, we worked exclusively with translation agencies. However, we were not always impressed by the quality they provided, because they often gave us very literal translations. Now the documents we submit are critically examined and translated with insight and understanding.

Theresa Dücker

With incredible empathy and a high degree of professionalism, Rose put a lot of thought into her work. We are delighted with the result and enjoy reading her wonderful texts again and again.

But Rose’s skills go much further than that. She is able to ‘visualize’ the texts and, just as in a complete work of art, she develops a design concept for the place where the texts will be displayed.

Brilliant! Thank you, dear Rose, for the wonderful ideas we were able to use in the design.

Frederik and Ruthhild Kauls
Kauls & Co

Extremely well written! Thank you for the extra comments and ideas.

You were really thinking ahead. Very helpful!

Your premium-quality work precisely reflects the price paid.”

Frederike Rath
FR Vibes

Thank you so much for your fantastic work!

You have a great approach: It’s easy for us to engage with the texts, comments, and thought process.

We’ve already taken an initial look at your translation.

It’s incredible how entertaining and pointed the English can be. A real pleasure!

Marie Bernadette Cals
Future People

Our company has been working regularly with Ms Newell since 2015.

She has completed major projects and routine work for us during this time. Highlights here include the complete translation of our website into English and a book of almost 100 pages. There have also been regular projects such as press releases or articles.

Ms Newell has always been very committed to her work and has a great deal of technical and linguistic competence. She has performed all work independently and completed it on time, and the quality is consistently excellent. With her perceptive insights, she has always been able to help improve the original German, too.

We have already recommended Ms Newell several times.

Christian Walter
swiss made software

Ms Newell has been translating texts directly from German into English for us since January/February 2018. We got to know her work through a former colleague of ours during his time at TPA Real Estate Brands.

Ms Newell has been involved in very many extensive projects to date. Highlights include an award-winning book and various marketing materials for the GLINT project in Berlin’s government district, as well as various online materials for Urbane Mitte Am Gleisdreieck and the interim project, B-Part Am Gleisdreieck. As our go-to translator, Ms Newell also regularly translates press releases via our PR agency

We are always very satisfied with her work and the general cooperation, especially because Ms Newell always manages to strike the right tone.

Senior Marketing Manager

Our collaboration with Rose was more than satisfactory.

What stands out is her highly structured and speedy way of working combined with perfect results.

The only promises made were those Rose could be 100% certain she could deliver on. We have come to appreciate this very much, as we were able to count on her impeccable reliability for our translation projects.

Anyone who needs marketing texts in English has come to the right place.

Matthias Janz
EMIS Electrics

Reliable, committed, professional and personable, Rose played a major role in transforming the way our company presents itself internationally. Thank you!

Katharina Schönauer
CPB Software

Thank you for your consistently reliable, conscientious and fast work. You were a great help in completing the book!

That was a masterpiece – from you and all of us. An excellent job, again!!! Everything delivered punctually and top quality.

Patrick Schroth
Zimmermann Editorial

We are an international start-up and many of our colleagues are native speakers of English. We communicate mostly in English within the company. Despite this, we had the feeling that our presentations and other texts were missing that little something. That is why we sought external assistance.

We’ve been much happier with our English copy since we have been working with Rose. Her assistance has quickly become indispensable.

Enver Berisha

Ms Rose Newell handles all translations from German into English for INIT’s marketing department. This has included press releases, articles for our customer magazine, and highly technical data sheets.

INIT’s extremely large range of products the fields of hardware and software means that a broad technical understanding is required to translate texts. Ms Newell consistently delivers great-quality translations.

Content manager

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