Network of other copywriters, translators, linguists, designers, and more

It’s good to be CONNECTED.

All the professionals listed here are people I recommend regularly.

In many cases we’ve worked on multiple projects together, and my clients were always happy with the results.

Maybe the network reflects well on the person.

Copywriting in German

Anika von Keiser is a fantastic German-native copywriter. She can also speak fluent Dutch and English. Her wonderful website reflects the quality of her writing. It’s only in German, though, so I’m afraid for now you’re missing out.

Copywriting in German

I first met Gregor Frotscher through a client. He’s a strategic thinker and writes snappy, interesting German copy. He also likes to work in a team with a techie colleague.

IT- and cloud-related translations from English into German

Thomas Goldberg is a trusted English-to-German IT translator. He’s extremely reliable, with a beautiful writing style and a nose for details.

Legal translations from German to English and English into German

Richard Delaney and Christin Dallmann are my go-to legal translators. Richard grew up bilingually. Both are simultaneously qualified lawyers and linguists.

  • Richard Delaney and Christin Dallmann

  • Delaney Dallmann Legal Linguists Dolmetscher und Übersetzer Partnerschaft

Translations into French

Stephanie Klebetsanis is my stock recommendation for into-French translations. She translates from German and English into French. She’s particularly specialised in marketing, healthcare, and tech. Originally from francophone Switzerland, she also translates into other variants.

Translations into Spanish

Silvia Ortiz-Miñarro is always top of my list for into-Spanish translations. She translates from English and German into Spanish. Specialised in marketing, corporate communications, and finance, she is especially interested in investments and financial markets.

Translations into Italian

Claudia Benetello is the top transcreation expert. She is an Italian-native copywriter, translator, adaptationist, and journalist. She translates from German and English into Italian. If that is not enough… She sometimes interprets for famous musicians.

Translations into Dutch

Even if few of my clients request Dutch, Rik Schraag is the ideal candidate: He’s focused on marketing, PR, IT and tech, and he translates from German and English into Dutch. He also has a wide network and acts as an ethical agent for other Dutch copywriters.

Games localisation into all languages

Warlocs is an amazing translator collective, specialised in games localisation. I’m friends with three members of the collective: Alex Preymak (Russian), Concha Álvarez Fernandez (Spanish), and Michael Stein (German).

  • Alex Preymak (Russian), Concha Álvarez Fernandez (Spanish), Michael Stein (German), and more.

  • Warlocs