Do you already have your texts available in Word format? That would be ideal for my editor and me. With smaller websites, it usually doesn’t make sense to install tools to extract the text from the database. In these cases, just copying and pasting is fastest. With bigger projects, it makes more sense to have a chat to work out the most efficient solution.

WordPress is a special case: If you’re using the WPML plugin, or are willing to install it (it’s pretty useful), then you can use it to automatically extract the texts to be translated in XLIFF format. I can then import these into my translation tool (please note: this is not machine translation!). I can use these to quickly provide a quote. Once approved, I can easily translate the texts in my tool and then produce files that you can easily import into your website via WPML. Some plugin texts may need to be translated manually, but I’ve not personally encountered this problem.

Other content management systems (CMS), let’s have a chat about it. I’ve found good solutions for Magento and some others in the past. I’m quite techie, so we can probably find a solution to save us some work.