The right attitude gets the right results – flawless English copy and translations.

The right ATTITUDE makes the difference.

Because success doesn’t happen by magic.

My attitude ensures your English copy is set up for success.

Sometimes you just get a good feeling.

I’m not a translation agency

English Rose Berlin is not a translation agency, and that’s not my ambition. I don’t even work with translation agencies. Curious why? Check out my Translation page for a detailed explanation. Beyond my regular editor, I don’t outsource to others. If you hire me, I’ll be the one doing the work. I’m your personal translator and copywriter. And I’ll happily put my name on any work I do. Can those agencies say the same?

I think about what I’m doing

I take my role as your copywriter or translator seriously. That means I ask questions, do research, and make notes. These can include useful tips – to help us both optimise the English copy, or even improve a German original. With my techie side and UX and SEO insights, I’m also often able to suggest technical solutions to whatever problem we are facing. This is especially valuable when working on your website.

I’m collaborative by nature

Successful work is the product of successful collaboration. It’s about fostering productive work between you and me, and in the case of translations, my editor, too. I enjoy those vital discussions on the finer points of our work. The results just wouldn’t be the same without it.

I’m communicative

You can call me or arrange a Teams meeting almost any time. That’s the best way for me to get to know you and your company. Prefer email? I’m a quick responder, and those tiny urgent things are always dealt with as soon as physically possible. You’ll feel like a new remote worker just joined your team. But she seems to speak pretty good German, too, and is based in Berlin.

I’m creative to the core

Language needs creativity like humans need air to breathe. Too often, complicated topics get explained in overly complicated ways. I’m here to change that. I refresh boring headlines with snappy ideas, and bring good but long-winded ideas to the point. Developing brand names and taglines (British: slogans, German: Claims) is perhaps my favourite thing: especially for ambitious start-ups, international companies and as part of bigger projects in collaboration with the best branding agencies and strategists around.

I’m a subject-matter expert

You could say I’m picky – I turn down a lot of work! There’s always demand, so I may as well stick to what I do best: high-tech, high-end, and high-profile. I know what I do not know. When I take on a new client, I know we’re a good fit. For everyone else, I’ve probably got a recommendation.

I’m well-connected

I have a great regular editor, of course. But I also maintain regular contact with various colleagues. These especially include copywriters and translators with different expertise, but also designers, journalists, techies and more. What they all have in common is that they’re good, and they know me. You can find some recommendations on my Network page. Nobody suitable? Feel free to ask.

I value confidentiality

Everything we do stays between you, me and at most my regular editor – in the case of translations. Most of my clients, just like me, love to use Microsoft 365 and SharePoint (hosted in Germany). But as a techie, even more confidential options are available where required. Even the fact we’re working together will remain a secret, unless you decide to shout it from the rooftops: I prefer to advertise through word-of-mouth recommendations, freely given testimonials, and the quality of my internet presence. I’m sure that says more than a splash of copyright-breaching logos ever could.

My approach to translation and adaptation:
the academic perspective

If interested, you can read more about my translation process and approach to adaptation and transcreation in an interview with me in the world-renowned translation journal, Cultus: The Journal of Intercultural Mediation and Communication, 2021:4.

Do you need effectivesnappyaccuratepersuasivestrongsmartbetter copy?

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