Native English copywriting and German-to-English translation

“Text. It’s all about the text. The quality of your English texts can make or break your company. Good text makes your readers listen to what you’re saying. Good English copy and translations make customers buy your products. Good English is crucial to your success.

But you already know how important your content is. That’s why you’re taking the first step to secure your international success: you’re on this page to learn more, and you’re thinking of having me write your copy.

Why? Because I’ll provide you with perfectly adapted, effective English. What can that help you achieve? Imagine: Your new, engaging website attracts more customers than you can handle. The media is inspired by your press release and comes begging you for an interview. Your incredibly persuasive direct response campaign ends up not in bins but pinned to walls right until they make the call. People find you. They understand you. And they all want what you have to offer.

My texts open the door to your new markets. They increase your brand awareness. They win you new customers. The bottom line? Your revenue will increase if I write your English texts.

And after all the time, money, and sleepless nights you, your employer, or your client have invested in that business, you’ve earned that kind of success. So contact me today to get your organisation the texts it deserves.”

Copywriter-translator: Your partner for English tech and marketing copy
Rose Newell
German-speaking companies’ secret to persuasive English-language marketing materials and corporate communications

I’m Rose Newell:
Germany’s secret weapon for persuasive native English


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You invest in your business
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Your customers are impressed.
Your meet and even beat your targets.

What sort of work?

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Whether you have concrete needs right now or are thinking ahead to the future, please contact me today.

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What sort of clients?

  • Luxury real estate marketing specialists

  • Top-ranking marketing and branding agencies

  • World-leading tech institutions

  • Major consulting and advisory firms

  • Online marketing consultants

  • Promising tech startups

  • Economic research institutes

Thank you for the flowers!

“Reliable, committed, professional and personable, Rose played a major role in transforming the way our company presents itself internationally.”

Katharina Schönauer, CPB Software

“Competence and dedication are Rose Newell’s middle names. With her help, we were able to produce a high-quality book – on-time and on-budget. We are already looking forward to our next collaboration.”

Christian Walter, swissmadesoftware

“Thank you for your consistently reliable, conscientious and fast work. You were a great help in completing the book!”

“With an incredible sense of empathy and a high degree of professionalism, Rose put a lot of thought into her work. We are delighted with the result and enjoy reading her wonderful texts again and again. But Rose’s skills go much further than that. She is able to ‘visualize’ the texts and, just as in a complete work of art, she develops a design concept for the place where the texts will be displayed. Brilliant! Thank you, dear Rose, for the wonderful ideas we were able to use in the design.”

Ruthhild, Rolf und Frederik Kauls, Kauls & Co.

“We are absolutely thrilled! Thank you very much. We will definitely be back!”

Stephanie Becker, Bilendi

“That was a masterpiece – from you and all of us. An excellent job, again!!! Everything was punctual and absolutely top quality.”

Patrick Schroth, Zimmermann Editorial

“We would recommend Rose to anyone looking for a reliable, hard-working and meticulous writer for their project.”

Wietse van der Werf, The Black Fish

“We are an international start-up and many of our colleagues are native speakers of English. We communicate mostly in English within the company. Despite this, we had the feeling that our presentations and other texts were missing that little something. That is why we sought external assistance. We’ve been much happier with our text materials since we have been working with Rose. Her assistance has quickly become indispensable.”

Enver Berisha, Goodscloud

“Many thanks for the incredible work (again).”

Kai Hager, FilmFeld


  • German Marketing Association

  • German Informatics Association
  • German Federal Association of Interpreters and Translators (BDÜ)

  • Chartered Institute of Linguists

Selected results

  • Multiple projects my reviewer and I have worked on have won awards. This includes three Red Dot● Awards for Communication Design, judged by an international jury.

  • The English I produce is often used as a basis for the translation into other languages.

  • My English translations are often used as inspiration for a rework of the German original.

  • My words seem to be so popular, even my competitors can’t keep their hands off them!