Native English copywriting, marketing translations and transcreations from German to English

It’s all about the TEXT.

Carefully crafted copy makes your readers sit up and pay attention.

The quality of your copywriting and translations can make or break every international project you work on.

You need effective English.
Styled for success.

Rose Newell

Your new English copywriter and translator with an IT background and SEO expertise.
You could also call me an English-native copywriter or a German-to-English marketing translator in Berlin.

(Whatever Google likes best, am I right?)

Sometimes you find the right person straight away.

Expert linguist. At your service.

No matter whether you need fresh English copy, an expert edit, or a German-to-English translation: Your texts will always be delivered in effective English with consistent terminology and the right tone of voice. You’ll also receive expert advice and assistance along the way.

Finally, results that deliver on every promise.


An English text is created out of nothing, or fresh copy is composed based on a rough draft. Plus SEO, branding, UX and other insights.


An existing German text is optimally translated into English and edited by a fellow expert translator.


Also known as transcreation. It’s everything between copywriting and translation, working between German and English.

I understand what you do. So I can make you understood.

People love to be understood. You and your business are no different. Me personally, I love making complex things seem simple.

I’m a techie by training, and marketing-savvy by nature. That’s why I specialise in tricky fields where I can play to my strengths.


Everything works better with a techie on board.


Better English gets better results.


I generate the positive attention your project deserves.


Ick liebe Berlin!

Hyperskilled and hyperfocused.

Every word counts, so I don’t charge by the word. The art of persuasive writing lies in the brainstorming, trimming, polishing, pepping up and perfecting.

I’m a full-time copywriter and translator with extensive experience and hyperfocus skills*. That means I do excellent work, fast. Speed and skill don’t come cheap, but you won’t be disappointed.

* When you know, you know.

Project fees

When the workload can be predicted in advance, I’m happy to quote precise project fees for translations and low-level adaptation projects.

Hourly rates

Some projects are difficult to estimate for both parties. But we can set an upper limit and see how it goes with regular updates. That way we can avoid any nasty surprises.


Packages prevent procurement problems! I can send a quote for a fixed contingent of hours in advance that we can work through. No bulk discounts, but easier billing.

Focus days

Focus days are great for branding, strategic discussions, copy coaching, or when you want to get a lot done at once. Suggest some dates, and let’s get to work.

Strategic thinking.
At every stage.

We’ll work together to get the best possible result.

It’s a collaborative process:
Questions will be clarified, concerns will be communicated, content will be corrected, and improvements implemented.
And maybe some alliterations will be altered.

Where the need is evident, I’ll also give valuable tips on technical SEO, UX, content design, typesetting, and more.

1. Request
2. Chat
3. Quote
4. Work
5. Approval
6. Done

Better English. At last.

Hiring a run-of-the-mill translator or copywriter is a quick way to waste a lot of money.

If you’re going to do it at all, do it right.

It’s okay to have expectations: 3 Red Dot Awards for Communication Design have been awarded to projects I’ve worked on as the sole English translator. Then there are the numerous other awards. I also have Chartered Linguist Status and am a member of the BDÜ. I compete solely with the quality of the results I deliver.

No matter whether you need British or American English: I offer English copywriting, translations from German to English, adaptation, transcreation and branding services for clients from Germany and the rest of the world. Every year, I spend around six weeks* in the UK to maintain my native language.
* That’s unless a global pandemic is raging.

Working with a copywriter and translator with native English and fluent German makes bilingual projects easy. We can discuss everything in German, no matter how complex. I even beat my German friends at Scrabble in German.

Benefit from my genuine subject-matter expertise and technical skills thanks to my IT and marketing background. I translate into English and write content that I actually understand. Everything is optimised for search engine robots (SEO) – but written for humans.

Proofreading and processes à la ISO 17100 are great, but your business deserves more. My expert reviewer and I engage in ongoing dialogue. This collaborative review process includes me, my editor, and even you (as required). Naturally, the results will be checked in the final layout. It’s all about engaging my brain and working closely with you for the best result.

My unique way of working means I enjoy international recognition as a freelance translator and copywriter. As a pioneer and role model for the next generation of freelance linguists, I am regularly quoted, profiled, and consulted by translation academics. There’s no better validation.

Thank you for the flowers

Rose’s services have gone far beyond regular translation. She has frequently given us input on how to improve our existing German content. And we have always been able to approach Rose with creative requests and brainstorm ideas together. Before we started working with Rose, we worked exclusively with translation agencies. However, we were not always impressed by the quality they provided, because they often gave us very literal translations. Now the documents we submit are critically examined and translated with insight and understanding.

Theresa Dücker

“Thank you so much for your fantastic work!You have a great approach: It’s easy for us to engage with the texts, comments, and thought process. We’ve already taken an initial look at your translation.It’s incredible how entertaining and pointed the English can be. A real pleasure!”

Marie Bernadette Cals
Future People

“With an incredible sense of empathy and a high degree of professionalism, Rose put a lot of thought into her work. We are delighted with the result and enjoy reading her wonderful texts again and again. But Rose’s skills go much further than that. She is able to ‘visualise’ the texts and, just as in a complete work of art, she develops a design concept for the place where the texts will be displayed. Brilliant! Thank you, dear Rose, for the wonderful ideas we were able to use in the design.”

Ruthhild, Rolf and Frederik Kauls
Kauls & Co

My approach to translation and adaptation:
the academic perspective

If interested, you can read more about my translation process and approach to adaptation and transcreation in an interview with me in the world-renowned translation journal, Cultus: The Journal of Intercultural Mediation and Communication, 2021:4.

There’s always a blog

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Buckle up, it’s time you took a sneak peek at what you’re letting yourself in for.

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